Dec 07 2008

Work from Home – It is All About the Leads

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When Working from home in an online business It is All About the Leads

“Marketing on Google is a tough gig. You have got to become very educated in everything that there is to know about leads, lead
generation and leads generating systems. Your competition is making every
effort to accomplish this, so unless you are willing to set your mind to working,
then you will fall short of your goals in the home business market.” – Butch Hamilton-
SEO Master

Leads are no longer being used by just Internet Business Opportunities. The
competition has tightened as brokerage firms in this volatile economy seek
as many alternative sources as possible to grow their businesses, leads and
prospects. These are the professional salesmen calling the same leads you
are buying, only they have the time and the resources to do it better and
faster than you. These firms can purchase mass amounts of leads and
generate conversions at a rate far more successfully for some very obvious
reasons. They are the professionals, they get paid to do it, if they fail
they don’t succeed and if they don’t succeed at conversions, they don’t get
paid. Brokers primarily get paid on 100% commission, if they don’t close, they
don’t survive.

How does the average Network Marketer compete with these firms?

You must first ask yourself

How are your leads generated?

Who else would receive the same leads I would?

How many companies receive those leads at the same time?

Does the company recycle leads from others?

Every Network Marketing lead seeker asks themselves these very questions,
unfortunately it is usually after they have made over 100 phone calls and received 100 rejections
that they determine that these calls had no interest in what you were offering, hardly a quality
Business Opportunity lead.

In order for you the Network Marketing leads seeker, to learn to generate your own
leads. You would then have all the questions answered, avoid the rejecting and
expense, and have a pipeline full of high quality, targeted and exclusive leads for
your business opportunity.

What is the best Business Opportunity is not really the question but how will you grow

If you insist on buying leads for your business opportunity, may i suggest you look
into buying ready made customers instead of leads who are purchasing a specific
product category.

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