Sep 22 2008

Work From Home

Posted by Russell Proudfoot in work from home

Everyone has the best way to build a work from home business and promote it online – right? Well, hold on for a minute. Most people when it comes to obtaining top positions on Google and the other search engines do not have a clue on how the process actually works. Some of it is technical, while the main ingredients of SEO – search engine optimization are clear and quite simple. It all starts with content as the basis of obtaining any position and branding your name on the internet. If you do not submit daily content all over the place, then you will not ever get known. Here’s a few simple and straight forward ideas to get people to start noticing and finding your information. Promote your blog wherever you can. Search Google and join a blog network of blogs with related interests as your work from home business. Post to other similar blogs. You will gain interested subscribers from other blogging sites and will enhance your reader’s experience. The key is to offer good quality content that readers will come back for more of or subscribe via your RSS feed.

You can use what is called an RSS feed to promote your blog. Blogs and RSS feeds are designed to work together. When used correctly they create a powerful voice and will spread the message about your work from home business to many readers. They are a means to get highly targeted visitors to your website.

The definition of RSS feeds is Really Simple Syndication feeds. They are files which are formatted to be read on RSS feeds worldwide. If your readers subscribe to your RSS feed they will be able to view your work from home business on the latest web updates and blogs. You can find instructions on how to set up your own blog on an RSS feed at

Ensure that your website is optimized for SEO purposes with lots of content. Too many people try to do a cheap imitation of what they think people want, when in fact they want quality content. Stop trying to fool and cheat people out with some flashy, junk website. Eventually it will come full circle in my opinion. You want to make sure it reflects exactly what you are trying to promote, especially when you work from home. Demonstrate that you are a professional by adding daily and relevant content. Make sure there are not any problems that need to be updated, and that people who are visiting your website can easily find their way around. Get rid of things that no longer apply to your website and business.

Building an online business will take time, sweat and a focused commitment. It will not happen in 90 days like many promise. In fact, it will take years to become successful. That is just reality. If you are not willing to roll up your sleeves and get to work, then don’t waste your valuable time.
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