Aug 19 2008

Work from Home

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Work From Home

You have made a decision to work from home. Not in the sense that you have a day job and get paid for your eight hour shift, but in the sense that you want to have your own business. You are going to start part time, as you are well aware of the fact that it takes time to build any business. But you look forward to the day when you can tell your boss that in two weeks you’ll be finished. And that day will come if you do the things that have to be done in order to run any business.

As with many people who want to be able to work from home, you have decided to join an MLM company and develop it until you are making enough income so that you can leave your day job behind. So, you have completed all the necessary tasks such as researching the MLM company you will be joining, made a business plan, put a budget together etc. You are now on your way.

You have been told to make your list, that very special list of all your family and friends, and go sell your opportunity and you’ll become rich. STOP! Unless you are very credible with regards to business, I would not follow that route. I have done it in the past and learned my lesson. You are wasting your time by trying to recruit people who are not interested in being in business and having the chance to work from home. Family and friends may become interested once you have been successful and can show them how you reached that success. But until you start to earn some serious income, most will not take you serious.

Well, if you are going to recruit to make your business grow, you have to recruit people that want the same opportunity as you. You will want people that also want to work from home and own their own business. These are the people you have to look for. How do you find them? Learn how to market so you can find these like minded people. Believe me, they are looking for you so learn how you can make them find you. That involves knowing how and where to market your opportunity.

When you have your own business and are able to work from home, one thing you don’t want to overlook is getting customers. Remember, no business will survive unless it has sufficient customers, so as you market for distributors you also have to make the effort to get customers as well. In fact the two go hand in hand, but you must try not to market your business opportunity to your customers. Save that approach for the people who are looking for a work from home business. You will know who they are because you will be able to sense their enthusiasm. Good luck in your marketing efforts.

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