Aug 21 2008

Work From Home

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Work From Home

An important aspect of working from home is managing your office space. First, you should make sure that your home office is actually what it is supposed to be…an office. If you plan on claiming an expense for office space then that particular space must be used strictly for your business. A word to the wise if you plan on claiming a room in your home as an office, but the washer and dryer are in the same room. Or maybe a work bench, or the ironing board etc. If the tax man ever decides to inspect your home office, and inspections do occur, and finds that the space is also used for other activities then you could lose the tax benefit.

Back to office management. One question for you. Is it an organized office or is it an organized mess? How many times have you heard someone say that their office is an organized mess? What they are trying to say is that although it is a mess they still know where everything is. At least that is what they like to believe. Their office is nothing but a huge bunch of note, papers, files etc. strewn all over the place. On the desk, on the floor, on top of the computer, pile upon pile. You get the picture….it is a mess. This is no way to manage your work from home office.

If this describes your office then you need to develop some serious office management skills. Take the time to do a major clean-up and start to organize your work space. You’ll be amazed at how much more you can accomplish in your work day when you have things organized. If you work from home there may be the inclination to take some aspects of operating a business with a lesser degree of seriousness. This is a trap many who work from home fall into. And having a disorganized and messy work space is one of the areas neglected the most. Working in a disorganized work space affects your attitude and how you approach your work.

What are some things you can do to straighten up your office? There are many different tips and we all do things differently, but here are a couple that have helped me keep my home office organized. First is using a filing cabinet. If you don’t have one, then put it on your list of thing to do. It as by far the easiest way to keep important papers and files in order. It is so easy to have a file for the many different areas of conducting a business. Write the name of the file on the tab and keep them in alphabetic order. However, it serves no purpose to have a bunch of files if you don’t use them. It is important that as you finish with each document that you file it. Do not leave it lying around on top if your desk. Before you know it you have nothing but a bunch of papers covering your desk…and most likely the floor! Get into the habit of doing filing as soon as you are finished using that particular piece.

Another tip to help you in keeping a work from home office organized is to have a daily list of things to do. This is so important, yet many people who work from home fail to do it. The purpose of having a to do list is to keep you focused on the tasks that you must work on. Also, we do forget things! if it is written down on a list you are more likely to get it done. The best time to make a list is at the end of the day. Write down the things you may not have completed that day plus the new tasks for the next day. When you begin work the next day review the list and add or make adjustments as you deem necessary.

Another helpful tip which is related to keeping a list is to have a small notebook with you at all time when you are away from your home office. If you get an idea or something comes up that you must look after when you get back to the office, you simply make a note. Don’t rely on your memory! Even better than a small notebook is one of the small voice recorders that fits in your shirt pocket. These are a very convenient method of making memos to yourself.

You’ll find that when you work from home, maintaining a well organized office will boost your productivity. It gives you a sense of control in your surroundings. You’ll be amazed at how quickly you can find that document or piece of paper when you need it. Keep your i=office organized. It doesn’t take a big effort to achieve this. It only requires you to put things in their place when you are finished using them. But that has to become an automatic response for you. It has to become a habit, but it is a good habit to develop. Make your work from home office a place you enjoy to work.

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